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Civil and commercial law

Our firm can provide you with a full range civil and commercial law services, including:

  • contract law: negotiation, drafting and reviewing civil and commercial contracts (for example, sales contracts, general and specific terms and conditions, guarantee agreements), personalised legal opinions and court proceedings
  • tort: tortuous, contractual and civil liability, banker's liability (including for portfolio management), construction liability (appointment of experts, delays in delivery, faults and defects), liability for damage caused by things, liability of principals due to their agents, liability for defective products.
  • landlord and tenant law:
    • during the pre-litigation stage: drafting and reviewing residential and commercial leases, monitoring the procedures to amend contracts, lease renewals and termination of lease agreements (for example, letters of termination, inventory of fixtures and fittings).
    • during litigation: proceedings to recover arrears of rent and charges, to terminate leases, to evict and suspend warrants for possession.
  • seizure: including seizure of bank accounts, seizure of salaries and seizure of goods and property
  • bankruptcy and insolvency law:
    • management in bankruptcy proceedings
    • defence or appeal against orders for bankruptcy and liquidation
    • the lodging by creditors of proof of debt
    • applications to claim seniority. to assist in and advise on management in bankruptcy proceedings and the defence or appeal against orders for bankruptcy and liquidation, to assist and advise creditors on the lodging of proof of debt and applications to claim seniority;
  • arbitration and mediation.
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