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Employment and social security law

Our firm can provide you with a full range of employment and social security law services:

  • managing procedures on contract termination (individual or collective dismissal, resignation, employer bankruptcy and out-of-court settlements).
  • litigation about individual or collective working relations (for example, litigation for unfair dismissal and to recover arrears of wages)
  • negotiation, drafting and review of employment contracts (for example, permanent contracts (‘CDI’), fixed-term contracts (‘CDD’), part-time or temporary).
  • negotiation and review of internal regulations, work plans (‘POT’) and on working time organisation
  • on employee representation: staff representatives and Joint Works Councils
  • restructuring (including legal audit of social security matters), transfer of business, secondment of employees and cross-border working
  • occupational health and safety
  • drafting and review of documents on surveillance of employees in the workplace (Luxembourg’s Data Protection law of 2 August 2002)
  • proceedings on disability pensions, annuities, retirement pensions, accidents at work and redeployment (including those subject to European social security law).
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