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Investment Funds

Our firm's investment funds team can assist you at every stage of your project.

We work with you to design the investment structure that best meets your regulatory, strategic, marketing and operational constraints.

The team has extensive experience in setting up all types of investment vehicles including regulated and unregulated vehicles (UCITs, UCIs, SIFs, SICARs, etc.) for all classes of assets.

We can provide you with legal advice on:
  • structuring and establishing appropriate fund vehicles and sub-funds;
  • listing funds on public markets;
  • the legal fundraising process (institutional and retail);
  • compliance and regulatory risk management;
  • liaising with the Luxembourg supervisory authority of the financial sector ("Comission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier" or "CSSF")
  • fund mergers and restructuring
  • winding up and liquidation (including acting as company liquidator).

We have liquidated UCITs Funds’ and SIF Funds, including funds whose assets were in part adversely affected by the Madoff Fraud. Through this work, our team has gained in-depth experience in completing liquidations in a complex economic environment.

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